The following guidance should be sent to all users prior to the session and also read by or read to all users of the building on arrival:

  1. Prior to attendance all attendees should familiarise themselves with the latest government advice and the NHS published list of Coronavirus symptoms.

  2. All potential users should be advised not to attend if displaying any recognised Coronavirus symptoms.

  3. All attendees should be asked to confirm verbally on arrival that they are not displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus and have not done so in the previous 72 hours.

  4. Vulnerable persons should be asked not to attend whether they are symptomatic or not.

  5. Everyone must use hand sanitiser where available or wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds on entering the building.

  6. Attendees contact details must be kept in the event of an outbreak linked to the premises.

  7. Attendees must maintain 2metre social distance from other attendees at all times.

  8. Maximum building capacity for general use is 30 persons.  Group leaders must risk assess their activities and reduce this maximum accordingly if necessary to maintain social distancing and adhere to  Government rules / guidelines.

  9. Group leaders should manage the flow of attendees to maintain best practice (eg. Dismissing groups one person at a time to avoid bottlenecks at entrances; staggering collection times etc)

  10. Attendees should be asked not to sing or shout on the premises.

  11. Seating should be arranged in advance by the group facilitator so as to maintain social distancing and all attendees should be instructed not to move the furniture.

  12. Non fire doors should be kept open where possible to aid ventilation and limit touching of doors and door handles.  (Unless doing so would compromise safeguarding practice.)

  13. Windows, air extractors and other ventilation should be used where possible to maintain a healthy atmosphere and rooms should not be over heated.

  14. Children under 11 should be accompanied to the toilet by a parent/guardian where possible.

  15. Antibacterial wipes are placed in the toilets for users to wipe surfaces after use.  These should be placed in the bin provided - Under no circumstance are they to be flushed down the toilet.

  16. Items/implements used for activities should be sanitised before and after the session and should not be shared by participants during the session.

  17. All surfaces are to be cleaned with antibacterial spray by the user at the beginning and end of the session.  Please ensure that the product used is appropriate for the task and follow the instructions on the product / manufacturers website.

  18. All persons over the age of 11 must wear a suitable face covering or mask unless they are Meeting Place staff or official volunteers or have a reason for not wearing one listed in the government guidelines. However, as some face coverings can pose a security, safeguarding or health and safety risk we reserve the right to request that the face covering is removed, either temporarily or permanently whilst on the premises and also to refuse entry if necessary to anyone wearing what we deem to be an inappropriate face covering.

Thank you for staying safe and looking after the interests of others.

Updated 17/8/2020 by Neil Attewell


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